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Leave Me Alone!

Headlamp Harry is an odd bod,

Lamp in his forehead, searching for God,

Despite shiningg it brightly near and quite far,

He cannot find Him, then lets out a roar,

Oh, where are You, he ask of his God,

I am in the pub drinking, He answers, leave me alone!


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Thank God it’s Friday

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Thank God it’s Friday

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Passing Through

Passing Through

Normal people,
Passing by,
Normal persons,
I wonder why,
They never question,
Never see,
Cannot ponder,
You or me.


Their world is full,
Of senseless pain,
Pointless work,
That has no aim,
There is no rhyme,
Or reason why,
All they do is run,
Not try.


They need to stop,
To look around,
To take the time,
And feel the ground,
To see the sky above,
So blue,
To feel God’s love,
For them, so true.

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The Fly

God in his wisdom made the fly

Then He forgot to tell us why.

By Ogden Nash


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by Joseph Messick


Monday comes and it’s back to work,

And oh I feel so blue.

Why can’t it be Friday at five,

Oh I wish that it were true.

Tuesday comes and I’m so tired,

I think that I’m depressed.

Oh well I’ll make it some how,

At least I’ll do my best.

Wednesday comes and I see some light,

After Wednesday it’s a downhill grade.

Only two more days till Friday,

And then I’ll have it made.

Thursday comes it’s getting close,

I feel better yes I do.

Tomorrow will be Friday,

Oh Friday I love you.

Thank God it’s Friday,

Only eight more hours to go.

Thank God it’s Friday,

I believe that clock is slow.

Thank God its five o’clock Friday,

Oh joy, oh bliss divine.

No more work for two whole day’s,

It’s such a wonderful time.




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Thank God it’s Friday…

Thank God it’s Friday. No, wait a minute,

it’s not Friday, it’s only Thursday – ARRRRGH.


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God is Love

Whoever does not love

Does not know God,

Because God is love.


The Tales of Beetle About.



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My Christmas Wish…

My Christmas Wish…

My wish and prayer for all of you is that you will accept

God’s love and joy into your life this Christmas. 


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I am dog (with a small g)


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