02 May


by Joseph Messick


Monday comes and it’s back to work,

And oh I feel so blue.

Why can’t it be Friday at five,

Oh I wish that it were true.

Tuesday comes and I’m so tired,

I think that I’m depressed.

Oh well I’ll make it some how,

At least I’ll do my best.

Wednesday comes and I see some light,

After Wednesday it’s a downhill grade.

Only two more days till Friday,

And then I’ll have it made.

Thursday comes it’s getting close,

I feel better yes I do.

Tomorrow will be Friday,

Oh Friday I love you.

Thank God it’s Friday,

Only eight more hours to go.

Thank God it’s Friday,

I believe that clock is slow.

Thank God its five o’clock Friday,

Oh joy, oh bliss divine.

No more work for two whole day’s,

It’s such a wonderful time.




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