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Posted by on February 28, 2017 in castleknck, cat


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I am Castleknock Brutus

I am Castleknock Brutus, a dog, you know,

I am Castleknock Brutus, now where did he go,

That pipsqueak, that thing that calls itself cat,

Where is he at; I want Henry the cat!

I want to kill him, Brutus growled, then eat him up,

That thing, that Henry, that calls itself cat,

When I get hold of him, I will never let go,

Until he is finished and lost his cat soul.

I am here, dog Brutus, I am here before you,

Said the cat called Henry, do you think it not true?

I am not sacred of you, you silly old moo,

You won’t get me, I am going to get you!

Ha ha, barked Brutus, ha ha, he barked,

What a twat you are and not very smart,

To think you are able to do such a thing,

I am laughing so much I am almost choking.

Just then, cat Henry leapt high in the air,

And landed on Brutus who got quite a scare,

Biting hard on his neck he went for broke,

And severed the jugular; Brutus never awoke.

The moral of this, my tale of intrigue,

Is never believe the lies you preach,

Others can, despite what you think,

Finish you off before you can blink.

castleknock brutus

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A Dog on a Rock

stories for children
I saw a dog sitting on a rock one day,
The scrawniest dog in the world, I say,
Sitting on a rock under a hot sun,
Ever so hot and beginning to burn.
The dog had the mange or so I did think,
I could see its skin; it was ever so pink,
Hot in the sun, roasting for sure,
That dog on a rock must have been sore.
I wandered across to the dog on the rock,
And offered a drink from my bottle of pop,
Baring its teeth, the dog snarled and it growled,
So I beat a retreat as it started to howl.
Leaving dog on the rock to sit there and stew,
I thought of my skin that it threatened to chew,
Then strolling away with a skip and a grin,
I abandoned the dog with the mangy old skin.

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Posted by on November 6, 2014 in funny story, humor, humour, poems, rhyme


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I am dog (with a small d)

I am dog (with a small d)

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Posted by on March 21, 2014 in My Videos


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I am dog (with a small g)


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dog (with a small d)


I am a dog (that’s god spelt backwards).


Yes; dog.


dog, dog, dog.



It’s good being a dog.


I can bark whenever I want to.


I can play whenever I want to…


And I can do nothing, if I so want to.


It’s really quite grand being a dog.


I have just seen next-door’s cat, so I must dash.

(It’s about time she had a good scare!)


Signed: dog (with a small d).



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