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If Trump was a Cat

If Trump was a cat, he would be ever so fat,

Fatter than fat, it’s true

A strut around prat, annoying old gnat,

A doddering, silly old moo.

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There was a country called Reilly


There was a country called Reilly,
That was incredibly slimy,
It thought it was smart,
Keeping all in the dark,
Until it fell down in a hole, did Reilly.
While in the bottom of that dark place,
Reilly thought about its life; its fate,
About the jerk it had been,
To all it had seen,
So it promised to be good, did Reilly,
Suddenly, a stick falling into the hole,
Presented a way to escape from it all,
Freed from that dark space,
Reilly forgot its promise, though great.
And returned to its bad ways, did Reilly.
One day when Reilly was alone,
It forgot to cover its dank home,
It was an incredibly hot day,
And the sun shining brightly away,
Dried up that country – Reilly,

The moral of my story is this,
Treat everyone you meet with a wish,
That their life is just fine,
Untroubled by lying,
Don’t end up like silly old Reilly.


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