Buried Treasure

When I am asked the most memorable thing that I can remember

from my childhood days, I am always in no doubt as to what this

actually is. I was ten years of age-I can still remember it so clearly –

and we were on holiday in Ireland, out walking, taking a stroll on a

wonderful stretch of deserted coastline. As I walked along, ahead

of my parents and brother and sister, the view beneath my feet

absolutely enthralled me. I marveled at the rocks, the pools, the

seaweed, in fact everything.

Suddenly, my attention was drawn away from this natural wonder,

to something decidedly man-made, reflecting the suns rays back up

to me. I bent down, wondering what it could possibly be, and was

astonished to find an exquisite golden-coloured locket and chain,

half hidden in the beach debris. I picked it up, studying its detail.

I was enthralled by what I had found, and I was amazed at how

heavy, highly detailed and exquisitely crafted it was. I inspected it

further. On one side of the locket there were five small glass domes

surrounding a larger one. Beneath each of the smaller domes a lock

of human hair had been carefully inserted, while under the central,

larger dome two locks of hair had been carefully positioned.

Turning the locket over, I saw seven names carefully engraved onto

the golden coloured surface. And believe me, at ten years of age

something like that really gets your imagination going!

Was it an amulet? I wondered. Well, in my mind at that tender age

it most certainly was. Some people have even asked was it an

inspiration for The Amulet of Oxmosis that I featured in

my children’s novel Wot, Nott, Kakuri and the HU BA HOU. The

only thing I can say to that is, “Read the story and decide for




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