FREE CHEESE for the People

07 Jul


I am your leader, he said, snarling at us,

The prime minister of Ireland, now what’s all the fuss,

I gave you some cheese – and a whole lot at that,

You should be grateful, you scurrilous brats!
We don’t want your cheese, we answered – and quick,

We want money in our pockets, not cheap little tricks,

Give your cheese to the bankers, and try some yourself,

Perhaps it will choke you; then we can govern ourselves.

(You know it makes sense,
And if it doesn’t make sense,
It’s a load of nonsense).


Cheese, cheese, good for your heart,

The more you eat, the longer you’ll last,

The longer you last, the more taxes you’ll pay,

Eat cheese every day.

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Posted by on July 7, 2014 in humor, humour, Ireland, poems


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