Alice in Wonderland with the complaining flamingo SONG

07 Jul

alice in wonderland with the flamingo

‘Hold still,’ Alice said to the bird,

‘Hold still,’ she insisted, ‘I must be heard!

You must strike the ball, though it hurts you so,

Hold still dear bird, then I’ll let you go’.


‘Quark, quark!’ said bird in reply to Alice,

‘QUARK, QUARK!’ it professed with great menace.

‘I will peck you good if you do not let me go.

QUARK’, it screeched. ‘You have been warned, you know!’


‘Oh PLEASE give me time to play the game,

I’ll try to be gentle’, Alice so reframed.

‘And if you do happen to be injured, some,

I will tend your injuries, each and every one’.


‘If I agree to let you use me as a bat,’

Said the bird to Alice, and that’s a fact,

‘You must promise to pay me one bright new shilling,

Only then can you hope to ever win.’


‘I will, I will!’ Alice cried out with joy,

‘I will pay you one shilling, and that’s no lie,’

With that she lifted the bird so high,

Struck the ball hard and the poor bird died.


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