Off with her head!

17 Oct

This poem was inspired by the NEW Alice in Wonderland story.

Off with her head, I said, OFF, OFF, OFF!

Off with her head; put it on a block!

Swing your axe high executioner; find the true mark!

I said off with her head, now make a start!’


Why would you want to punish her, so?

Said the red King for Alice, below.

She is just a poor child; a wisp of a girl,

Seeking Rabbit’s house on Top of the World.


For a moment the Queen faltered, mulling her plan,

Then she exploded again, asking, Are you mouse or man?

Alice’s head it must fall, lest yours be the next!

Now off with that head, and don’t make a mess!


Standing there frightened, Alice thought her days gone,

As she waited for the chopper and her final anon.

Then down from the sky an old man appeared,

And whisked her away  tucked under his beard!


She won’t be a chopping your head, my sweet child,

Said the man, Father Christmas, with gentle sweet smile.

We shall up and away and follow our snouts,

To Top of the World, and Rabbit’s neat house.

Hissing her annoyance at being out thought,

The Queen ordered everyone beheaded and went for a walk.

A new Alice in Wonderland story



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