On Christmas morn, before the dawn…

08 Dec

On Christmas morn, before the dawn,
We open our eyes to see,
If HE has been; we are so keen.
Will we be filled with glee?

We open the door, at half past four,
We must go have a peep.
What’s beneath the tree, for you and me?
So down the stairs we creep.

We make our way, and as we pray,
A vision of joy unfolds,
Cars and stars and rockets to mars,
A thousand dreams untold.

These are the dreams, the childhood scenes,
Repeated across the globe.
For one short night there is no fright,
It should always be just so.

Thank you so much, we love you such,
For giving us so much joy.
We will be good, we know we should.
Every girl and boy.

Alice in Wonderland, and Fle (he's a very old elf).

A brand-new Alice in Wonderland story.


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