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Wot and Nott’s Race Against Time

Part One – The Fabled Crest

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The Circus of Grotesques

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The Circus of Grotesques: it will change your life FOREVER.An odd, bizarre and definitely STRANGE short story. Moreover, it’s absolutely and utterly free!

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There once was a Slug called Reilly

The Crazymad Writer

There once was a slug called Reilly,
Who was incredibly slimy,
He thought he was smart,
Going out in the dark,
Until he fell down in a hole, did Reilly.

While stuck in that dark place,
Reilly thought about his life and his fate,
About the jerk he had been,
To everyone he had seen,
So he promised to be good, did Reilly.

Suddenly, a stick falling into the hole,
Presented a way to escape from it all,
Freed from that space,
Reilly forgot his promise, though great.
And returned to his bad ways, did Reilly.

One day when Reilly was alone,
He forgot to cover up his dank home,
It was an incredibly hot day,
The sun shone brightly away,
Drying him up, that slug, old Reilly,

The moral of my story is this,
Treat everyone you meet with a wish,
That their life is just fine,
Untroubled by…

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Wot, Nott, Kakuri and the HU BA HOU

If you liked Harry Potter you will love this story

An Extract:

31st December
Sitting atop his hound-horse, Nott withdrew his cigarette lighter from out of his pocket, then reciting some words that had mysteriously come to him only a few earlier, he said, “I hold this item in this my hand, to act as a bridge in these our plans. We need a distraction, a disturbance right now to help Kakuri and the HU BA HOU

Nott had no sooner finished speaking when the sky above him begin to darken and grow angry. Dark clouds appearing from out of nowhere grew larger and larger and blacker and blacker until they had joined together uniting in one congealed mass of anger. In a few short minutes the sky had changed from a deep summer blue to a blackness so dark, day had turned to night. Some of the hound-horses nervously sidestepped, their handlers struggled to calm them. The wind began to blow, soft at first, but increasingly stronger. Then the heavens opened in a deluge of rain, thunder and lightning – a full-blown storm was upon them…

A storm was exactly what Kakuri had needed, and through the driving rain she spoke to the HU BA HOU, “Now my friend, it’s up to you – do your best.” And with those words still lingering in its ears the huge animal took off at full-gallop heading straight for the Timeless Gates guarding Onisha City. The animal, sensing that this was the final offensive, kept its large heavyset and armour-plated head well down. The storm was so intense Kakuri had, after only a few seconds, lost all sense of direction – she had no way of knowing if they were still heading for the Timeless Gates and all she could do was trust the HU BA HOU, and hold on tight.

As if that were not enough to be worried about, Kiliki had meanwhile given the order to the assembled and impatient Onishians to attack. The entire rag-tag collection of Onishians and Orlu (not forgetting their assorted animals) were now hot on Kakuri’s heels with no intention of being left behind out in the middle of nowhere, and in such a terrible storm. Everyone was soaked to the skin as they all rushed headlong into the unknown. Some shouted, others roared and still others screamed with the delight they felt rising up against the man who had promised so much, who had given so little and who taken everything.

The armour plating sparkled with the reflections of the lightning flashes. It clanged as the plates collided with one another and if there was anybody in the city capable of seeing through the blinding rain they would have been filled with the fear of God.

Unexpectedly, the HU BA HOU stopped just short of the gates. Everyone following stopped dead in their tracks, wondering what could be the problem. Then the tank, the ugly humpy-tank of an animal standing just short of the gates clawed at the ground (like a bull), rose up on its hind legs (like a horse) and roared with the ear-shattering cry unique to itself. And raising its large head one last time emitted another ear-shattering roar before hurling itself forward with the gates set firmly in its sights…

Nott, watching from the relative safety of a short distance behind, wondered how this had all come about. Why, only a few days earlier he had been all set for Christmas, and a well-earned rest. And now he was in an alien land, about to follow a fair maiden atop an abomination of a creature called a HU BA HOU, in an assault on a walled city searching for a man called Miafra, a man who had stopped time, who had stolen the chi (the free will) of the people and who had drained the powers of the most revered Mystic in the entire land; a man who would be a God.


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Mystic Cola

Mystic Cola

Mystic Cola, powerful might,

Thunderous magic, hidden from sight,

Disguised by a drink,

So sugary and sweet,

The way to Alocyrrehcyzzif,

The Cryptic Agenda decree.


If this makes no sense to you,

Then click on to the link,

And buy the eBook about this fizzy drink.

But watch out for that bottle once it’s uncorked,

Lest you are ensnared by its wonder,

And inside it are caught.



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Do you want to be certified?

Do you want to be certified as a true practitioner of Mysticology and Magic?

Simply right click on the certificate, below, and save it to your computer.

Then print it, and write your name in the space provided.

You will then be an honorary member of the Onishian

Brotherhood of Mystics.

Fantasy stories for children and adults


Stories for children and adults by The Crazymad Writer – ARRRGH.


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Was this a Shadow Person or the Devil himself?

stories for children and adults

I heard a sound by my bedside last night

I heard a sound by my bedside last night,

I heard a strange sound; I got such a fright.

As something passed by me deep in the night,

I heard a faint sound; did it want my poor life?


I made not a sound; I was still, in such fright,

As I lay in bed in the deep of the night,

I could hear it close by, how I longed for the light.

What was the dark thing probing the night?


An evil black form, a shadowy sight,

Began to rise slowly in front of my eyes.

As I lay in bed on my left-hand side,

The dark, wicked thing rose slowly into sight.


I could move not a muscle; I was frozen in fright,

As the dark frightful vision continued in height,

Till it’s malevolent eyes were almost in sight.

Only then did I close mine, despite the dark night.


I knew it was wicked, evil personified,

That he wanted my sight, the light of my life.

I closed my eyes; shut them tight as the night.

Evading the Grim Reaper’s deathly cold scythe.


Finally, eventually, when I opened my eyes,

I thought it was gone, departed my side,

But it was still there, though lower this time,

Starting beginning to rise over again.


How could I be free from the terrible beast,

That wanted my soul, my heart and my peace?

Perhaps, if I kept my eyes firmly closed,

It might give up and leave me alone.


So I closed my eyes, though still in such fright,

And I prayed that I’d last out the night.

Although its Dark Presence was close to my brow,

I kept my eyes shut so it wouldn’t bother me now.


The Darkness and danger passed from me that night,

It vanished, departed, left my bedside.

I rolled over, so comfy, lulled back into nod,

Till the next time it happened it was just me and my God.

A note: This really did happen to me   – and on more than one occasion – when I was six or seven years of ago many years ago.

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