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Alice in Wonderland Syndrome – or something MUCH MORE?

My Crazy Life: Last Night…

I feel that I need to make an introduction to the following two poems, to try and explain to the reader why I recorded in rhyme these things, these two separate things that I feel are somehow connected. I saw each one again and again, over a period of time, when I was no more than five or six years of age. The first one was so terrifying it almost scared me to death. The second, by comparison, was so serene, so blissful, I could have watched it forever. It was only yeas later, when, as an adult, that I dared tell anyone about them, that I dared say I had seen the devil and also an angel.

Last Night (part one)

I heard a sound by my bedside last night,
I heard a lone sound, how I got such a fright.
Something passed by me deep in the night,
I heard a faint sound; did it want my poor life?

I made no sound; I was still, in such fright,
As I lay in bed in the deep of the night,
I could hear it close by, how I longed for the light.
What was this dark thing evading my sight?

An evil black form, a shadowy sight,
Began to rise slowly in front of my eyes.
As I lay in bed on my left-hand side,
This dark, wicked thing slowly rose into sight.

I could not move a muscle; I was frozen in fright,
As the dark frightful vision continued in height,
Till it’s malevolent eyes were almost in sight.
Only then did I close mine, despite the dark night.

I knew it was wicked, the devil personified,
That he wanted my sight, the light of my life.
If I kept my eyes closed, shut tight as the night.
I might just be spared the Grim Reaper’s cold scythe.

Finally, eventually, I opened my eyes,
Had he gone, departed – left my bedside?
But no! He was there I refrain,
Starting beginning to rise up again.

How could I be free from this terrible beast?
That wanted my soul, my heart and my peace,
Perhaps, if this time my eyes remained firmly closed,
It might well just give up and go away home.

So as my eyes closed, again, in such fright,
As I prayed and hoped that I’d last out the night.
I could feel its Dark Presence so close by my brow,
But kept my eyes shut, it wouldn’t bother me now.

The darkness and danger passed from me that night,
Vanishing, returning away from my sight.
I rolled over, so comfy, lulled back into nod,
Till the next time it happens, it’s just me and my God.
A note; this really did happen.

Last Night (part two)

I saw an angel by my bedside last night,
I saw a lone figure, oh what a fine sight.
As it passed close by me, deep in the night,
I saw a lone angel; she lit up my life.

I made not sound; I was still – not in fright,
As I lay in my bed, in the deep of the night,
I watched it close by me; how I longed for its light.
To be a part of this thing, this wondrous sight.

The shining white form, the silvery sight,
Began to glide past me in front of my eyes.
As I lay in bed on my left-hand side,
This holiest of things flew on through the night.

I moved not a muscle; I was locked on the sight,
Of the bright, heavenly vision as it continued in flight,
It’s winged wonderful body passed on to my right.
Only then did I lie back, despite the divine light.

I knew it was good, from heaven come down,
Showing that we have not been left on our own.
And I kept my eyes on it I made not a sound.
As I watched the winged vision go round and around.

Finally, eventually, as I watched with my eyes,
It left, it departed, it was gone – how I cried.
But although it had gone I was now oh so wise,
A part of God’s plan for every adult and child

So remember each night when you set off to nod
That you are never alone, you are then closer to God
Where a heavenly presence watches over your rest
A wonderfully winged angel in a silvery dress

A note: this really did happen.

Well, what do you think, was I experiencing Alice in Wonderland Syndrome

Or was it something else?


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The Lincoln Imp

Lincoln Imp

The Lincoln Imp

The Lincoln Imp is the symbol of the City of Lincoln, the county town of Lincolnshire, England.

According to a 14th-century legend, two mischievous creatures called imps were sent by the Devil, Satan, to do evil work on Earth. After causing mayhem in Northern England, the two imps headed to Lincoln Cathedral, where they smashed tables and chairs and tripped up the Bishop. When an angel came out of a book of hymns and told them to stop, one of the imps was brave and started throwing rocks at the angel, but the other imp cowered under the broken tables and chairs. The angel turned the first imp to stone, giving the second imp a chance to escape. It is said that even on still days it is always windy around the Cathedral, which is the second imp circling the building looking for his friend.

There are many variations on Lincoln Imp legends. According to one popular legend, the imp which escaped fled north to Grimsby, where it soon began making trouble. It entered St. James’ Church and began repeating its behaviour from Lincoln Cathedral. The angel reappeared and gave the imp’s backside a good thrashing before turning it to stone as it had the first imp at Lincoln. The “Grimsby Imp” can still be seen in St James’ Church, clinging to its sore bottom. Another legend has the escaped imp turned to stone just outside the cathedral, and sharp-eyed visitors can spot it on a South outside wall.


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Satan Appeared

One Sunday morning, Satan appeared before a small town congregation. Everyone started screaming and running for the front church door, trampling each other in a frantic effort to get away.

Soon, everyone was gone, except for an elderly gentleman who sat calmly. Satan walked up to the man and said, “Don’t you know who I am?”

The man replied, “Yep, sure do.”

Satan asked, “Aren’t you going to run?”

“Nope, sure ain’t,” said the man.

Perturbed, Satan asked, “Why aren’t you afraid of me?”

The man calmly replied, “Been married to your sister for over 48 years.”


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