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Bolf was a Troll; and he had a little bag

Bolf was a troll, and he had a little bag,

And he filled it up with trash, trash, trash;

Then he looked inside, and said to himself,

What a fine haul, what a stash, stash, stash.


When he brought it home to his troll wife Joan,

And he told her to look inside, side, side,

She gazed in the bag and sang out with joy,

Such a fine stash of trash, trash, trash.


Then they both sat down and ate the fine meal,

The very best meal they had, had, had, had.

The junk and the trash, and the tins and the crass,

Eaten with relish were soon gone, gone, gone.



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There was an angry old Troll

There was an angry old Troll,

Who wanted to get rid of us all,

So he started to sing,

Like Des O’Connor, real mean,

And bored us to death; did that Troll.



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A Troll in a Hole

The Troll in a Hole

Bolf was a troll

Who lived in a hole,

Doing nothing at all,

Or so I am told,


One day while alone,

In his dank little home,

A stick falling into the hole,

Struck his troll dome.


Grabbing hold of the stick,

Bolf made ready to hit,

The culprit, the thick,

Who played the cruel trick,


But on gazing outside,

His dank little hide,

Bolf saw no one in sight,

With his beady troll eyes.


Then he saw the fine day,

Not damp and all grey,

Like his hole in the clay,

That he thought was okay.


Climbing out of his hole,

Bolf fell in love with it all,

The beautiful world,

God’s gift to us all.



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I am dog (with a small g)


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